Hi! I'm JR Nievas,

I’m glad to know that you’ve visited this website. You might be wondering about what the content of this website is. I created this website to serve as a platform for individuals who share similar hobbies like mine, such as writing and creating songs or music.

My goal is to provide them with an opportunity to share their creations here. Anyway, you can read some of the information below to learn more about who I am and what my interests are.

Thank you again for visiting this website of mine. I hope you enjoy reading and listening!

A Writer

As a songwriter, even though not a professional one, I’ve learned how to structure sentences and understand grammar in paragraph writing. I’ve also drawn inspiration for writing from Bible-based publications by Jehovah’s Witnesses, which has further enhanced my writing skills.

A Music Creator

In 2012, I realized my ability to create music and write my own songs. However, I didn’t develop this talent significantly until the pandemic struck, allowing me to once again dive into making music and songs. That’s when I also discovered the art of crafting Lo-Fi music. While I possess some singing talent, I wouldn’t consider myself highly skilled. Truthfully, I struggle with hitting high notes. Nonetheless, I genuinely enjoy singing, and it remains one of my passions.

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