Welcome to My Website

I am glad to know that you visited this website. I know you’re also wondering what’s in it. I built this website to serve as a tool for people who share the same hobbies as me, such as writing, singing, creating music, or taking pictures, so that they can share their works here.

The Editor

Who am I?

A Music Creator

In the year 2012, I discovered that I can make my own music and write my own song. I didn't improve that talent much over the years until when the pandemic hit, I was able to make music and songs again. That's the time when I discovered making Lo-Fi music. I do have some talent for singing, but I'm not really good at it. Honestly, I can't hit high notes. But I like singing and that is one of my passions.

A Writer

Since I'm also a songwriter, although not a professional one, I did learn how to construct sentences and how grammar works in paragraph writing. And I also got the idea of writing by reading Bible-based publications from Jehovah's Witnesses. It helped me to improve my writing skills even more.


I became interested in videography and photography when I had a smartphone. That's when I learned to fiddle with the camera settings even on the phone. I've also tried video blogging, or as most call it, vlogging. Because of that, I learned how to edit videos and photos for the thumbnails of my videos. These things have helped me to improve my audio-video skills, which, I can use in the future as well.