Abditory—A Place Where You Can Disappear

by:  Ailyn A. Estrada

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Reality already hit us that our fantasies and illusions can’t happen in real life. That’s why in order to be in this feeling, we must stay and be called “drunk on writing” so that reality can’t destroy us.

The world is very big to understand, and just like this, our life wasn’t easy and unfamiliar. It’s only for us to feel that it is a selcouth, as if it’s strange, rare, and yet marvelous. There is no perfect word to describe life. For someone like me, life is like the weather; it is sometimes sunny, cloudy, or rainy. We find people who have sunny weather, they have beautiful smiles. But after a few steps, we see people who have cloudy and rainy weather. Most of them use ink and their hands as their weapons against reality.

We sometimes ask:
Why most people choose to write? It’s simply explains why life describes on a weather. It’s because they can make the rainy weather sunny by writing impossible things to come true. They create a world of positivity, a world where they can fit in and use it as a hiding place. It’s better for them to stay drunk on writing to remove the negative things in this society.

It seems unnatural to us to exist while dying apart. But even though our lives were like the weather, and it feels like it’s an arcane that is understood by few, the idea that the world is meaningful is very creative. Because it tells us that the world is full of wonderful things that we haven’t seen yet. For us, it is very strange to understand the true meaning of life. But we should remember a great writer who wrote the Bible. The writer not only described how cruel the world is, but also reminded us that we can all live happily in it. I know most of you have a favorite writer, but may I tell you that God is the best writer I know? Even though the world gives us chaotic ideas and thoughts about how reality destroys things, God writes to give us assurance that there will be a new world for people who have sunny, cloudy, and rainy weather.

Our creator not just write on how the world we live in and on how people existed, but also writes about hope and how bright the future is. Do you know how powerful writing is? It can transform nothing into everything. Writing became my hobby because reality destroys me and in order for me to accept things, writing became my comfort thing for many years.

One compared the hope that the Bible gives to an “anchor for the soul.” The Bible’s strong hope for the future can help us weather the troubles we encounter now, just as an anchor keeps a ship stable during a storm. Our emotional and mental well-being, as well as our bodily well-being, can all be safeguarded by our faith. The word “
abditory” is an uncommon word for us, but it totally describes how writing is powerful because it can be a place where we can disappear, a place where we can hide. But, as our Creator promised, we will never need to have a place to comfort ourselves since there is a new world full of wonderful realities that we always wanted to have. We will be able to witness that, not now, but at God’s appointed time.

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