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Book by Bill K. Underwood

A Bible-era shipwreck leads to perils for a modern-day Indiana Jones.

Thirty years after Jesus’ death the apostle Paul, victim of a Jewish plot, is arrested and led in chains aboard an old Egyptian grain carrier bound for Rome. Encountering the ‘Storm of the Century,’ the ship never arrives.

2000 years later, amateur archaeologist and treasure hunter David Connor is on the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta, in a town appropriately called St. Paul’s Bay, looking for evidence of Paul’s lost ship. With the help of Caroline, a brilliant and beautiful professor of ancient history, he begins to build a credible case for the wreck he’s found.

But just as the artifacts become more convincing, so do the signs that someone is trying to kill him. Do David’s finds threaten mainstream religious thinking? Or is something else going on?

Book by Thomas Walker

The Thousand Years began with a great test. To receive the promised Eternal Life, in a perfect Utopian paradise, there remains one more challenge to overcome.

Grant is the Last Returnee. His history with some of the people he meets on arrival is long and complicated… And with less than a Century left until humanity is tested for the last time, he must find his faith, and his own place in the world quickly.

New faces, and returning characters alike will be tested in varied and personal ways, as danger is suddenly loosed upon a world that has all but forgotten it ever existed.

“Released” is the Fifth and Final book in the ‘New Earth’ Series.

Book by Thomas Walker

Biggs first learned about the scriptural promises for the future while in prison. His sister taught him about the hope she clung to as the world got harder to live through. When the ultimate test for his new faith came, Biggs was ready; but stood alone in a Congregation he barely knew.

Biggs never thought his life story would be worth writing about, but as the world came to its crashing end, he proved to be someone who could provide exactly what was needed; as a New World began for his brothers and sisters.

As Biggs comes to love his new extended family, both newly Returned and familiar faces alike; it becomes clear how tightly interconnected a Global Brotherhood can be. Eternal Life in a Paradise Earth is the long promised reward for millions of Christians today; but eternity is a longer time than anyone anticipated; and so many of those Returned from the Memorial Tombs of history had overlooked an important point: When you live forever, a Thousand Years is not so long a time as it seems…

Book by Thomas Walker

Jesus promised a wonderful future, where all those who had died would be returned to life in Paradise; and the Memorial Tombs of the world would be emptied. A world where the prophecy of eternal Eden would be fulfilled. For thousands of years, millions of people prayed to see that world come to pass.

But there have been billions of others, who prayed for entirely different ideas of Paradise.

Atxi believed wholeheartedly in her ancient gods, and is horrified to find herself in a Christian Paradise.

James was a Pirate, rejecting all authority as cruel and selfish; only to find himself in a world ruled by the most loving Authority of all.

Walter believed in nothing at all, and had no respect for the idea that there could be something greater than himself.

All three of them will have to face a New Heavens and a New Earth, and make a choice that could grant them Eternal Life… At the cost of something else.

Book by Thomas Walker

Everyone who comes to know Jehovah God gets there in a different way. Everyone who lets the Truth reach their heart, has a path of their own, unique in challenges and triumphs.

Alec Ducard was blessed to be on the right side of a debate that has raged since the first words of the bible began. The Day came when he was far younger and less prepared for it than he would have liked. But he did not make that journey alone.

Rachel Bridger was present to bear witness to the most pivotal events in the history of the world, and never imagined just how hard it would be to hold fast to a Truth she had only just begun to know… or what the future would truly have to offer.

Beckah Hedley had been praying for Paradise for years, hoping to see the day when she’d be able to walk again. But what came with that Miracle was more exciting and challenging than she had expected.

Three lives grow tightly connected in brotherhood and love, as the prospect of living forever in a Paradise Earth, under the Kingdom of Heaven becomes a reality, at last.

Book by Thomas Walker

For two thousand years, followers of Jehovah God and his son, Jesus Christ have been waiting for The Day! The Bible promises wonderful things that would take place during the Thousand Year Reign of the Messianic King. But so many people never heard that message, or never believed it could be true when confronted with a cold and wicked world. What future for them?

Hugh Alman was a pilot during the Second World War. With no idea of what the future held, he has awoken in a long-promised Paradise Earth; where nobody would ever grow old, grow sick, or die.

But with Eternal Life comes challenges, rewards… and most importantly, choices.